ATV Accessories That You Must Need

We will talk about a lot of accessories in near future. We will review ATV accessories from time to time in our website. This is an article that you can think of as an overview based ATV accessories article. In this article, we will not go into deep of any specific ATV accessories. We will simply be covering the basics that everyone interested in ATV accessories should know.

Remember, whether you consider yourself as a sportsman with an ATV or a simple guy with farming needs, you will need one or the other ATV accessory for your vehicle. We suggest that you choose carefully on what you need and what you don’t need. One right accessory can save your life at the perfect time. Anyway, we are going off topic! Let’s have a quick look at the list of accessories that you should have.

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Helmet is something that you do not understand the importance of unless it is too late. Did you know that helmet is mandatory to wear by law for the motorbike drivers everywhere on this planet? The rule is kind of same for the ATV drivers too and that is why, our first accessory in list is the helmet. Some people think that if they drive carefully with a decent enough speed, there will never be an accident. Well, these people are wrong. Accidents can happen anywhere for the weirdest of reasons. For example, a simple brick on the road or a bump can cause you flip over while you are riding an ATV and if you do not have a helmet at that time, you will be gone! Helmet is something that will save your life. You are not wearing helmets to show off (You can do that too, no problem) but to save your head from bumps. Therefore, don’t ignore the importance of it.


Well, if you are not into sports ATV or if you are just using your ATV for the farming or working purposes then you can put less importance on this part but still, it is wise to know about the importance of proper clothing when you are riding an ATV. Some common attire that you will need is the boots, the goggles and long pants. Also, you will need gloves for sure to hold the handles better. Here is one pro tip for you guys. Always make sure that you cover your eyes properly when you are riding ATVs or UTVs. Eyes are very delicate and anything can happen when you are riding fast. Let’s not take any chances.


Well, like cars, you also need to have a proper tool kit for your ATV. The standard practice is to have a tool kit from the same company whose ATV you are using because they make sure that all the tools match with your ATV properly. If you do not want to do that, you can buy tools separately too. It is not like you will need a ton of tools for your ATV. You will need a driver along with wrench and some regular tool kit items to solve those unwanted problems.

Make sure that you keep a lighting source for example a hand light or a flash light in your toolkit. It will come in handy at times. Also, if you can then make sure that you put fire equipments and things like map or a small stove in the tools. It all depends on what you do with your ATV at the end of the day. ATVs are made in a great way so the chances are pretty low that you will face problems.

Prepare For Flat Tire

This is way too common in ATVs than in regular cars. The reason is simple too. We drive ATVs in toughest of roads so this is expected. There are two things that you should have with you for those situations. These two things are air pump along with tire plugs. Yes, you can always call a tow truck to fix your problems but that’s not what it should be and it will kill a lot of your valuable time too. The better solution is to have air pump and tire plugs. Use these along with the kits that we mentioned in the previous section. You will get rid of the problem within half an hour.

First Aid Kit

One of the most important ATV Accessories according to me is the first aid kit. Again, this is something that you do not know the importance of unless it is too late. Let’s not go into that path. Let’s be smart from the very beginning and make sure that we have all the precautionary measures beforehand. It is a lot like that helmet scenario that we talked about. You do not have to buy the best fast aid kit from the market. Simply go for a regular one and that will be enough for those tough situations.


Think about it for a second. You can actually drive even on flat tire if required, right? What if you are out of gas and there is no station around you? It will be a real tough task to move your ATV by pushing. Again, if you are alone in that journey, you will drain out from the pain. Therefore, make sure that you have a great gas can which will keep you safe in those long rides.

So, according to us, these are the things that you should keep as ATV accessories. There can be some other things too in the list that you might want to carry such as tow rope and some other items. We leave those on your common sense. If you have good common sense, you will know what to carry and what not to carry. We wish you best of luck in your ATV journey.   

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