110cc Four Wheeler 6” Tires ATV Review

The 110cc Four Wheeler 6” Tires ATV is a mini-size ATV that will have your kids exited and provide hours of fun with safety features that will give any parent peace of mind. The ATV is powered by a reliable 4 stroke motor that will continue to go for years with the proper maintenance. It has durable double A-arm front suspension and single rear suspension to give your child a smooth ride. The 110cc Four Wheeler 6” Tires comes with drum/disc brake and an improved engine design that puts it a cut above the rest. The ATV is lightweight, making it easy to transport, and low maintenance, making it easy to care for. Its size makes it ideal for riding in a yard, field or even trail riding. Keeping safety a priority, this mini quad is loaded with helpful safety features, such as remote control, foot brake, automatic transmission and electric start. It is a great first ATV for kids who are learning to ride.

The 110cc Four Wheeler 6” Tires comes with a luggage rack that attaches to the rear and allows you to carry any supplies your child may need while accompanying you on the trail. The dependable 110cc engine allows your child to enjoy the fun that comes with riding an ATV, while making sure that he or she drives it at a safe speed. The 110cc Four Wheeler 6” Tires are made under the strict quality control guidelines presented by the ISO 9000 system. It has the performance kids are looking for and the reliability parents want. Now your whole family can enjoy riding the trails and take in the outdoors.

ATA 110D Tao Tao Kids Gas 110cc Utility ATV


  • Comes with the proven high quality LONCIN engine.
  • The four stroke engine gives your 110cc Four Wheeler 6” Tires the power and reliability needed for a smooth ride.
  • Has an easy electric start.
  • The parents can restrict the maximum speed for the safety of beginners
  • The ATV comes with several safety features to ensure your child’s safety such as: An alarm system to let you know when the motor is overheating and a safety cord that can be attached to the to the cutout on the back of the quad and pulled out by the parent in order to cut the engine.
  • The ATV is equip with a kill switch located on the handle bar.
  • Its small weight and size allows the quad to be easily controlled by a child and easy to load and transport with your family car.
  • The all-terrain tire, great suspension, and high quality engine will ensure that your child has fun on this durable ATV.
  • The ATV come with a simple one brake system so there will be no confusion for your child.

Safety Precautions

Although the 110cc Four Wheeler 6” Tires is designed for children with safety as a priority, it is very important that parents are informed about safety precautions in order to prevent accidents and keep your child safe. All children develop differently and only a parent understands their child’s capabilities, so it is the parent’s responsibility to decide how safe an ATV is for their child and what kind of supervision is needed while your child is riding this quad. Here are some tips can help prevent an accident and possible injuries.

  • Parents should set the speed of the quad to match their child’s capabilities. If your child is just beginning to learn how to ride, you will want to start at the lowest setting so they can learn how to control and steer their ATV.
  • Make sure the space where your child will be riding in is free of obstacles that could possibly be a danger, this includes other children and animals.
  • The 110cc Four Wheeler 6” Tires is designed for off road driving, so you want to keep your child off roads, driveways or parking lots. The cement surface can cause the ATV to slip or slide and cause a possible accident.
  • Do not exceed the recommended load capacity. Too much weight or improper loading can cause mechanical failures, loss of control, and overturning which can cause injuries to your child.
  • Make sure your child always keeps both hands and feet securely on the ATV.
  • Do not let your child attempt stunts or tricks on the ATV, most injuries happen when the vehicle is not operated properly.
  • Inspect the ATV every time before your child uses it. You want to make sure the tires are at the recommended pressure, the brakes and steering are functioning properly, and the ATV has sufficient oil, gas and brake fluid.
  • Do let your child drive in water that is more than 5 inched deep, it may cause the quad to get stuck or slip.
  • Always turn off the engine when putting gas in.
  • Do not let your child drive the ATV in an enclosed area like a garage with the door down. THIS CAN BE FATAL.
  • Always make sure your child is wearing all the proper protective gear. This includes an approved helmet, protective glasses, gloves, and long sleeve jacket and pants.


Question: My son is turning nine and he has no experience riding, would this be a good ATV for him?

Answer: The 110cc Four Wheeler 6” Tires is a great starter quad for young children. The max speed can be regulated, the size is small so he can easily learn how to control it, and it comes with great safety features to give your child a safe experience.

Question: Does the bike come assembled? I want to get one for my child on Christmas and would like to know if I need to work on it before he opens the gift.

Answer: This ATV comes 95% assembled. You will need to attach the tires, steering, batteries and back rack. It is very simple and videos are available that will walk you through the process.


If you are thinking about getting your child his or her first ATV then the 110cc Four Wheeler 6” Tires would be the perfect pick. It is easy to learn on and comes with all the safety features a parent looks for.

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