Best ATV Reviews 2018 – Ultimate Buying Guide

This is going to be your one stop solution if you are interested to find the best ATV for your needs. As you already understood by now, we are here to talk about the best ATV models in our ATV reviews. This is going to be a long article as we are going to include as many information as we can possibly think of in this single one.

We want this article to be your go to article whenever you need to find either the best ATV from many options or you need to look for a certain ATV review. Anyway, there will be different sections in this article and not all of them are required to be read by everybody.

If you are already experienced with ATV, there is a high chance that you already know about some of the basic sections that we will talk about such as what is ATV and buying guides. In that case, you can simply ignore the parts that you know about. There are clear headings only to make your life a bit easier.

So, let’s start asking that one question!


What is ATV?

The full form or the elaboration of ATV is All-Terrain Vehicle. If you are still unsure then the picture has already helped but in many places, ATVs are also known as quad bikes or even four wheelers. In some places, people call it the quadcycles. There is another popular name that is coming up in recent times. People are calling ATVs as street bikes. That is a fancy name but that actually goes with the models, what do you think?

In basic terminology, if it is a vehicle which has tires that are low pressure based and which also has a seat which is straddled by the operator along with handlebar based control, it is an ATV. You have to understand that there is reason that why ANSI (American National Standards Institute) has put lots of obligations on what is an ATV and what is not! They are not allowed to be driven on main streets in most states. Therefore, law was needed!

It feels a little confusing when we try to elaborate on what an ATV is. In simple terms, ATVs are four wheel based motorcycles that are made for one or two people. There are also three and six wheel versions made by a few companies but those are considered as exceptions. ATVs are now mostly four wheel based machines that you see around going from places to places off-road.

Note: There are some people who thought that ATVs are advanced televisions. Well, these are not televisions and we should make it very clear before you try to turn on CBS on one of your ATVs. These are something that you ride on, alright?


This is another important discussion that we must not ignore. If you are aware of ATVs, the chances are high that you had this confusion in your mind that whether you should go for an ATV or a UTV will work fine, right? This section will give you the answers. Though our site is primarily trying to find the best ATV models for you, we will remain bias free at least for this section. Let’s see!

The elaboration of UTV is utility task vehicle which is basically designed and built to use on rough roads. There is not much difference between ATV & UTV. It mostly depends on what your plan is after you are buying one of these vehicles. Let’s make it a bit clear with examples.

Let’s first tell you why you should use an ATV. If you are someone who wants to make quick turns in roads then ATV is the best solution. So for example, if you are living in a place where you need to make quick turns and changes (for example, in woods) then ATV should be your first priority. Also, make sure that you have previous riding experiences with regular bikes as ATVs will require you to have proper balancing skills.

Also, if you are someone who is into racing then ATV should be your primary choice. ATVs are always considered better for high performance and speed. Therefore, if you want those things in your vehicle, you should go for ATVs. There are different companies who produce special ATVs for racing only and you can easily pick one of those!

The third reason that why you should go for an ATV is if you are short of budget. ATVs are cheaper than UTVs and the difference is quite visible. In some cases, ATVs are at least a few thousand dollars cheaper than UTVs.

Now, let’s have a look at the reasons that why you should go for UTV. The first reason is that the dumping rear cargo in UTVs can carry huge load. So if you are dealing with a ton of loads, it is always better to go for UTVs. Older people mostly decide to go for UTV instead of ATVs as these are considered as most comfortable.

Also, if you are into some kind of a specialized work then UTV will be a good fit for you. UTV models can easily be upgraded and you can also add different accessories and machineries to the main model whenever required to enhance the performance.

The third reason is a bit weird. If you want to show off, the best idea is to go for a UTV instead of an ATV. They are costly, they are posh and they are premium. Therefore, if you want to show off then there is hardly any better riding equipment available than this one on the planet!

Benefits of Riding ATV

This is another important section. Well, not really because we might not even cautiously think that there are benefits of riding ATV. In reality, there are! We have prepared a list of benefits that you will get if you ride ATVs and this section is all about those benefits. It may sound a bit weird but you should bear with us. Let’s have a look at the benefits.


The name itself says a lot about it. The All-terrain means that the machine is flexible and can be used anywhere you want. Whether it is a place full of grass or it is a concrete or tiles land, you can easily ride your ATV there. You hardly feel any bump or uneven road feelings while you are riding ATV which is another advantage. Therefore, if you are living in any of those situations, ATV can easily be the perfect solution for your situation.

It is Fun

The best part of owning an ATV is that you can basically take it with you anywhere you want and it is extremely fun to ride on! If you are an adventurous person then there is hardly any alternative of riding an ATV. A motorbike will not give you that experience as motorbikes are common and boring! On the other hand, some people compare ATVs with sky open cars but there is hardly any comparison to make between these two types. They are different from each and every angle!

Very Useful

ATVs are super useful in most of the situations. They are tough to be used and they can take a huge amount of stress. At the same time, ATVs are rugged and they will serve you for long enough! For some people, ATVs are great working cars and for some other people, these same ATVs are for showoff and fun nature. Therefore, it all depends on you to decide how you want to use your rider. The point that we are trying to make is that ATVs are useful in all the scenarios. No matter wherever you need it for whatever reason, it will be there for you!

Health Benefits

Did you know that riding ATV can actually help you to boost your health? Yes, there are health benefits of using ATVs. Riding ATVs is a great form of exercise and studies actually showed that if you ride ATVs and sweat in the process of doing it, you will be able to increase your cardiovascular process which in other words will help you to manage weight and control your body weight in a better way than before. Riding ATVs is somewhere like doing aerobics.

You do not feel like you are doing an exercise but it will do the task for you. Isn’t that the best type of exercise? You do not even feel like you are going through the process of exercising. If you are into exercising, you know that this is the best thing that could happen!

Things to Look for When Buying ATV

Buying an ATV can be a tough task in most of the cases. There are not a lot of people around you who are buying one best ATV in every other week. Therefore, it is tough to get enough suggestions from friends and family. If you are unsure on which one to go for or at least, which criterions you should focus on then this section is going to help you. In this section, we will talk about the things that you should look for when you are buying an ATV.

We will try to cover as many sides as possible when doing this review but even then; it is very much possible that we might miss something. Let us tell you this at the very beginning. If you are unsure with an ATV and want expert opinion on that, feel free to reach us. We will try to assist you as much as we can. We have been dealing with ATVs for more than ten years now and it will not be a tough task, trust us!

Anyway, we are done with the chit chats. It is time to ride the actual ATV. Let’s go ahead and look at the things that we should keep in mind while we are buying an ATV.

Age & Experience

Unlike most other vehicles like car and bicycle, ATVs are actually different than each other when it comes to the importance of experience and age while you ride those. It is not always wise to ride the same ATV by everyone in the household. ATVs require patience, controlling and balancing skills and it is obvious that not everyone in a home has the same level in those skills.

Therefore, if you want to buy an ATV, you will have to first decide whether you are buying it for one person or for the whole family. If it is a one person, you can think about the features based on that person’s skill and abilities where if it is for the whole family, you should be tamed down. In that case, look for something basic that does not cost you dangerous accidents later on!

What’s the Purpose?

The next thing to find out is the purpose of buying an ATV. There are different ATV models that target different purposes. For example, there are specific ATV models that are designed if you are interested in trail riding. On the other hand, there are also some ATVs designed for motocross racing.

You will also find ATVs that are there to serve farming or work related stuffs where there are some other ones dedicated for hunting. Depending on your needs, you should select one of these models. Not every one of them will be perfect for you and that is alright. You just need to find the one that suits your work or lifestyle the most.

Engine Size

The next thing that you should think about is the engine size. There is a small calculation to figure out what engine you should go for. Let us help you with that. So for example, if you are a kid aged around 11 or lower, you should go for an ATV that is up to 70cc in terms of engine power. On the other hand, if you are someone aged from 12 to 15, you should go for an ATV which is around 70 to 90cc on average.

Now, if you are a beginner and a teen who is ready to take up the challenges then you should go for somewhere like 125cc up to 250cc. If you are already familiar with ATVs and if you have rode these before then life is a bit easier in your case. In this case, you should go for something like 250cc and up.

If you do not have a race ahead of yours, it is always wise to start small. Start with a simple ATV and grow slowly. It will eventually make you a better rider.


ATVs are costly in nature. Yes, that’s the truth and it is not something that we will deny. It costs a lot to go for an ATV but you should make sure that the cost worth the service or the product that you receive. When you are buying a new model, you should trust the famous brands out there as these are brands that kept things right for a long time.

The good news is that it is kind of a tough task to go wrong with an ATV brand. The ATV brands are good in general and the chances are high that you will be satisfied with the price that you pay for the product that you get. Even then, if you are buying from a relatively new brand, it is always wise to read a few reviews and research before you finalize the payment. Again, we should remind you that ATVs are a lot of money to go for. Therefore, you should do your best in terms of research before it is too late.

There are a lot of people who buy an old ATV instead of a new one in the first time. That actually is not a bad option either. If you are really into ATVs and do not have a huge budget, a good idea is to buy a used model and then get habituated into it. In this section, we will talk about the tips on buying a used ATV model. Again, we will not be talking about a lot of stuffs here. We will only touch the basics. Let’s start.

Find the Deceptive Seller

Though it sounds sad, it is true that there are sellers who try to sell bad products with talks. If you find one of them, the best idea is to say no at the very beginning. If you get into discussing the product with them, it will be a lot tougher by the end. The first and the obvious question that you should start with is: When did you buy this ATV or how long have you been using this one?

Try to match the answer with the product. ATVs do not get old within one or two years so if it is an ATV that has been used for 10 years and if the person is saying that it has only been used for 3 years, it is not tough to find it out.

The second thing that you should ask is the reason behind selling this ATV. It is super important to know the reason. If the seller is deceptive, he might not tell you the reason straight away or he might come up with one of the common ones. Whatever it is, make sure that you ask for it.

Make sure that you Check Engine Oil

It is not like if you find dirty or poor engine oil, you will immediately turn away the deal but if the engine oil is dirty; it is a concern for sure. When the engine oil is full of dirt, it is often an indication that the machine is very old.  Old ATVs cannot process machine oils as good as the new ones. Also, if the engine of the ATV that you are planning to buy has an oil filter then you should ask or check yourself that whether the filter has been changed in recent times or not.

Dirty Coolant?

It is very important that you check the coolant of the ATV. The liquid coolants are now very popular and almost all ATVs have one. If the ATV is an old one, the coolant will definitely have poor condition where if the ATV is a new model, the coolant will have a better condition for sure.

Have a Professional Check

If you can, it is always wise to go for a professional check before finalizing the purchase. When you are buying from a second hand seller, ask him whether it is alright or not to go to a workshop and check the ATV. If he is an honest seller then the chances are high that he will agree on this proposal. Simply take the ATV to any good car shop. If you have someone known at a car workshop, you should pre-inform them.

Ask the experts to check engine, body and the bottom parts especially the joints. If things are alright, say sorry to the previous owner and pay him or her amount.

Top 5 Best ATV to Buy in 2018

This is an important section as here we will talk about the 5 best ATVs that you can go ahead and buy in the year 2018 and beyond. There is a specific reason that we are mentioning 2018 when we are talking about the best ATV models. There were some models which could be in this list but as the company’s discontinued those products, we thought it wouldn’t be a nice idea to include those ones in our list.

Therefore, the ones that we talked about in this list are all ready to go and you will find all of these models in market right now! We constantly update this list with the most recent information so you have nothing to worry about. Let’s start!

ATV 125cc Fully Automatic With Reverse 1 Year Engine WarrantyAtv 125cc Fully Automatic with Reverse 1 Year Engine Warranty

This is one of the most popular ATV models out there and you can easily trust on the brand TAO. They have been into ATV business for more than long enough and they have tons of happy customers.

This is a go to ATV model for most people. Though the company does not sell the ATV on their own, this is still the same model and you will love to use their ATV.

Features of This Product

  • Completely automated machine
  • 125cc engine with an utility style
  • Double brakes
  • Easy shock absorber
  • Innovative features like remote start along with push button start

Full Size ATV 250cc 4 Gears with ReverseFull Size ATV 250cc 4 Gears with Reverse

The name says a lot about the product. The price is a bit higher for most people, the product that you get worth the price. Again, the name says it all. This is a 250cc engine which means that it will not be a great choice for kids or for beginners.

Also, as this is  a powerful model, you will find it useful to use the machine for scenarios such as tough works and pulling requirements.

Features of this product

  • The shock absorbers are independent
  • Dual brake system
  • 4 gears, super powerful
  • Clutch based electric start system

ATA 150D Tao Tao Kids Gas 150cc Utility ATVATA 150D Tao Tao Kids Gas 150cc Utility ATV

This is another model of ATV from the brand TAO. This is a basic model which is designed targeting the beginners and the kids and into consideration but if you are an advanced person and are still looking for something simple yet interesting, you should choose this one.

This is a newer model from TAO and it recently was introduced into market. Let’s have a quick look at the features that this product offers.

Features of This Product

  • This is a 150cc engine
  • The ATV is fully automated
  • There is a CVT transmission
  • A pretty heavy machine to deal with

110cc Four Wheelers 6” Tires ATVsATA 110D Tao Tao Kids Gas 110cc Utility ATV

The best part of this ATV is that it comes in several colors. You have the option to choose any of the three colors from black, red or pink. Therefore, you can choose a color that matches with your style. This is a single cylinder model with 4 stroke 110cc engine.

The engine is not that powerful but this is a model that everyone can use of a home which is a good advantage to have.

Features of This Product

  • The tires are sized at around 145/70-6
  • Good disc brakes
  • Easy remote control turn on/turn off features
  • Easy transmission features

ATA 110D Tao Tao Kids Gas 110cc Utility ATVATA 110D Tao Tao Kids Gas 110cc Utility ATV

This is another Tao Tao model that comes with three different colors. The features are a lot like the previous one that we mentioned. There are color options such as blue, burgundy and pink so you can choose one based on your desires. The price is very reasonable and the size of this ATV is very standard.

The suspension is very good and you will not even feel the bump in most cases.

Features of this Product

  • 4 Stroke and 1 cylinder based engine
  • The tires are big enough
  • Very standard size
  • Great suspension

Final Verdict

Best ATV is something that is tough to find but you should spend enough time on the first one for sure. You have to understand that you are spending a lot of money and you should make sure that the money that you are spending is worth the cost. Finally, if you find it difficult or need any help in any part of your decision making process, make sure that you contact us. We will try to assist you as much as we can!